Scalyr is Faster Than Sumo Logic at a Fraction of the Price

  • Scalyr is faster, delivering search results in 1 second 96% of the time.
  • With Scalyr, metrics are embedded automatically, and at your fingertips. 
  • Scalyr costs less. Scalyr has created a highly efficient datastore and passes the cost savings to you.
  • Scalyr is easier to use, with intuitive dashboards and search tools that don’t require specialized training.

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Scalyr vs. Sumo Logic


Scalyr’s speed and scale counts

Scalyr is fast at scale. We ingest and search data at a whopping 1.5TB/s. That’s as fast as downloading 500 HD movies in one second. Log data is available immediately, there is no delay or overhead for indexing. Live tail allows you to see log data as it arrives and alerts can give you instant warnings.

Slow queries are bad news

Slow query performance is no joke, especially when you are dealing with a service outage and you need to find answers fast. Nothing is worse than paying a lot of money for a logging solution that just doesn’t work at high log volumes and when log volume spikes.


Customers love Scalyr’s simple pricing

Scalyr charges based on 1) average daily log volume and 2) retention period. There are no minimum log ingest and storage commitments, and you'll get stellar support (even if you're on a free trial). We're proud to have a 98% customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating.

Why is Sumo Logic so expensive?

Data points per minute, minimum log ingest, and storage commitments all add up. Cost management tools help, but they cannot beat a simple pricing scheme that is predictable like Scalyr’s. With Scalyr, all features are available to all users and the pricing does not vary by feature or use.


Anyone can use Scalyr

Scalyr is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Entirely point-and-click, query language optional; you can invite anyone to Scalyr and they can be productive in minutes – no specialized training or certification required. Scalyr can move as fast as you need.

Why make things complicated?

Non-intuitive user interfaces make finding answers difficult, resulting in the need for specialists within your organization. Many users will simply avoid the tool if possible. Can Sumo Logic be useful for your entire team?

Customers Love Scalyr!

DataFox Logo Porthole

Ben T.

CTO and co-founder
DataFox, an Oracle company

"It's been absolutely reliable in the last 3 years and it costs a fraction of what Splunk or Sumo Logic charge. Support has always been immediate and helpful in the cases where we hit a bug. "


Trevor R.

Senior DevOps Engineer

"The service handles a large amount of data very well and is very configurable on parsing, with a syntax that makes sense and is easy to use. Everything in the UI also feels very snappy and quick compared to other services, even when generating massive graphs."


Ryan Artecona

Infrastructure Engineering Lead


"It is easier and faster to diagnose the bugs that frustrate our customers."


User in Consumer Goods

"Great filtering options / tagging - really easy to find what I need without a complex custom query. I like it more than Sumo Logic which wasn't as good here"

Hundreds of Companies Trust Scalyr, Here’s Just A Few


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