Scalyr is Cloud-Native and Faster Than Splunk at a Fraction of the Price

  • Scalyr is an order of magnitude faster, delivering search results in less than one second 96% of the time.
  • With Scalyr, metrics are embedded automatically, at no additional cost.
  • Scalyr costs less. Scalyr has created a highly efficient datastore and passes the cost savings to you.
  • Scalyr is easier to use, with intuitive dashboards and search tools that don’t require specialized training.

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Customer Test Results:
Splunk vs. Scalyr Search Time in Seconds


Scalyr vs. Splunk


Scalyr’s speed and scale counts

Scalyr is fast at scale. We ingest and search data at a whopping 1.5TB/s. That’s as fast as downloading 500 HD movies in one second. Log data is available immediately, since there is no delay or overhead for indexing. Live Tail allows you to see log data as it arrives, and alerts can give you instant warnings.

Slow queries are bad news

Slow query performance is no joke, especially when you are dealing with a service outage and you need to find answers fast. Nothing is worse than paying a lot of money for a logging solution that just doesn’t work at high log volumes or when log volume spikes.


Anyone can use Scalyr

Scalyr is easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to use. Use of the query language is optional - most searches can be performed via clicking. You can invite anyone to Scalyr and they can be productive in minutes. No specialized training or certification is required.

Why make things complicated?

With clusters to manage, training and certification to obtain, and infrastructure to procure, it’s no wonder that Splunk has a much higher TCO, in addition to higher licensing fees.

Customers Love Scalyr!

DataFox Logo Porthole

Ben T.

CTO and co-founder
DataFox, an Oracle company

"It's been absolutely reliable in the last 3 years and it costs a fraction of what Splunk or Sumo Logic charge. Support has always been immediate and helpful in the cases where we hit a bug. "


Elena Tatarchenko

Senior Engineering Manager

"Having used Splunk before, I like Scalyr infinitely better. I can ask Scalyr to graph $queryTime>X and it will do so in a second; Splunk would tell me to wait 30 minutes, time out, and output nothing."

Inside Sales

Inside Sales

"We used Splunk for years before switching to Scalyr. The performance difference alone has been a game-changer; not to mention the simplicity and elegance of the configuration syntax. So glad we found Scalyr."

Enterprise Customer

Elizabeth T

Enterprise Customer

"Great Experience - Simple set up allowed for quick evaluation and testing of the product. Implementation on production systems was just as quick and easy as the POC."

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