Scalyr is Faster, Easier and More Cost-Effective than ELK / Elastic Stack

  • Scalyr’s log management is delivered as a cloud-based service, eliminating costs for support and separate costs for storage.
  • Scalyr is built for high-cardinality log data, unlike Elastic, which was designed around keyword searches for business data.
  • Scalyr is faster in log benchmark tests, delivering anywhere from 2x to more than 10x the performance of Elastic.
  • Scalyr is easier to use, with intuitive dashboards and search tools that don’t require specialized training or knowledge.

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Scalyr vs. ELK / Elastic Stack


Scalyr’s speed and scale counts

Scalyr was designed for log search and analysis from the beginning. Because of this, Scalyr’s results when searching logs, can be an order of magnitude or more faster than ELK / Elastic Stack. The secret is in Scalyr’s columnar No SQL datastore which is a better architecture for log data and metrics.

Elastic does not handle high-cardinality data

Whether on-prem, hosted or licensed, the fact is that Elastic was designed for keyword search. Unfortunately, log analysis is mostly about high-cardinality data, transaction IDs, customer IDs or numeric metrics. Elastic falls short when it comes to analyzing and searching typical high-cardinality log data.


Customers love Scalyr’s low overhead

Log management cannot get any easier than it is with Scalyr. Just point your logs at our service, use our open source agents or our simple API. Once we’re receiving your log data, you’re all set! We're proud to have a 98% customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating.

ELK / Elastic Stack is costly

With ELK / Elastic Stack, there is a lot to worry about like sizing for performance, buying compute and storage resources, how many shards, replicas, recovery from failures, releasing new feature sets, solving security vulnerabilities and other problems. Scalyr eliminates all this toil and lets you focus on higher priorities.


Scalyr gives you control for free

With Scalyr, you can set filters and rules to control what data you retain and how its categorized, set parsers to organize formatting that your logs output, easily create your own visualizations of the data or use Grafana. All of this control and flexibility is built into Scalyr’s service.

Elastic gives you options, but not for free

ELK / Elastic gives you a lot of options, but these require evaluation, testing, training, maintenance, community engagement, support and problem resolution. You have to dedicate time, budget for infrastructure and personnel costs, even in cases when the underlying software is open source.

Customers Love Scalyr!


Administrator in Computer Software

"Very easy to set up and get going. Definitely better than ELK-based services."


Trevor R.

Senior DevOps Engineer

"Scalyr offers support for a variety of protocols and data sources to be aggregated together quite easily. The agent is quick and offers solid performance even under a lot of load. It also has a lot of plugins and can even accept custom-developed plugins."


Ryan D.

"The Scalyr agent is pretty feature-rich, performs well, and is open source. Also, really enjoy the log4j/logback appenders to facilitate getting logs to Scalyr.

I also like the parsing functionality. Can do some really robust things.

Oh, the support from Scalyr and openness to listen to suggestions is unmatched by any other service we tried."

DataFox Logo Porthole

Ben T.

CTO and co-founder
DataFox, an Oracle company

"At this point I think a centralized log management tool is an absolute must-have for running in the cloud, and Scalyr is a great solution because it is inexpensive, easy to set up and low-maintenance compared to Kibana or open-source tools."

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