Logs contain detail you won't get anywhere else. If you're not incorporating logs into your monitoring and investigative workflows, then you’re partly flying blind. Whether you’re facing a performance hiccup, a bug, or a major outage, logs can help you detect problems, find the root cause, and create monitoring rules to ensure the problem doesn’t sneak past you again.

During this online workshop (Tue 4/30 at 9:00 AM PT), Steve Newman (creator of Google Docs) will share how best to quickly get value from your log data. He'll show concrete steps you can take before something goes wrong to ensure you’re best set up to respond to an issue or incident quickly.

Steve will:

  • Explain what to log and how to log it
  • Share advanced logging tips
  • Show live demos on better logging for troubleshooting, firefighting, load analysis and forensics

After the basics are covered, Dave will highlight some common areas to consider in logging. He'll also help provide a better way to think about what your applications should log.

Get to know Steve and Dave:


Steve Newman

Founder at Scalyr

Steve is a lifelong engineer and entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful startups, including Writely (acquired by Google to become Google Docs). He's an avid science fiction reader, walker and power-napper who still finds time to be a prolific software engineer. He studied Mathematics at the University of Michigan and received his Master's in CS at Stanford.


Dave McAllister

Community Guy at Scalyr

Currently running technical evangelism for Scalyr, Dave is working with DevOps and developers and architects to promote the advantages of modern microservices architectures and orchestration to solve large-scale distributed systems challenges, especially for today's fast-moving cycles.

Dave has been a champion for open systems and open source from the early days of Linux to today's world of clouds and containers. He speaks on topics such as the real-world issues associated with emerging software architectures and practices. Connect with Dave on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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