Containers have been fairly mainstream for years. And though their flexibility meets the needs of most development teams, some of us are still hesitant to start using them. Part of that hesitation may come from not understanding what it takes to manage and monitor containers. 

In this online workshop recording, Sylvia Fronczak (Software Engineer) will cover the basics of CaaS and CaaS providers. She'll give an intro to key concepts and provide some hands-on examples. And, she'll provide some next steps for getting started with monitoring containers.

Sylvia will:

  • Provide an overview of CaaS
  • Discuss differences between PaaS, CaaS, and VMs
  • Introduce container orchestration concepts
  • Show a live demo of building and deploying Docker containers to the cloud

After the basics are covered, Dave will highlight some common areas to consider in monitoring containers. Along the way, he will show aspects of Scalyr that make monitoring containers practical.

Get to know Sylvia and Dave:


Sylvia Fronczak

Software Engineer at [Undisclosed]

Sylvia Fronczak is a software engineer that provides technical business solutions for many industries. Her work has involved both PaaS and CaaS applications for the past four years. She’s passionate about skilling up developers so that they can feel confident with their technical decisions. You can follow her on LinkedIn or her website.


Dave McAllister

Community Guy at Scalyr

Currently running technical evangelism for Scalyr, Dave is working with DevOps and developers and architects to promote the advantages of modern microservices architectures and orchestration to solve large-scale distributed systems challenges, especially for today's fast-moving cycles.

Dave has been a champion for open systems and open source from the early days of Linux to today's world of clouds and containers. He speaks on topics such as the real-world issues associated with emerging software architectures and practices. Connect with Dave on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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