Just like how DevOps changed the way software is built and maintained, Kubernetes and its cloud-native ecosystem is changing the nature of development and deployment of applications. With massive scaling needs being delivered through hybrid clouds and into pure cloud environments, we see new processes evolving to deliver value and stability aligned to modern architectures like microservices and IoT.

Watch the recorded webinar with Steven Czerwinski to learn how Kubernetes changes many pieces of the DevOps process.

Steven and Dave:

  • Explain how new infra needs new approaches for deployment & reliability
  • Show how to achieve performance at scale based on their experiences
  • Give you conceptual frameworks to apply to your work

Get to know Steve:


Steven Czerwinski

Co-founder at Scalyr

Steven Czerwinski is the co-founder and CTO at Scalyr. Prior to Scalyr, he spent 8 years at Google, specializing in building distributed database systems for consumer apps. He was the backend tech lead for Picasa Web Albums, Tech Lead for Cosmo, and Tech Lead to Stratus, the replacement for Cosmo driving further unification including Google Plus. Prior to Google, Steven was in the PhD program at UC Berkeley specializing in distributed and mobile systems. He successfully defended his dissertation, but left  to start his job at Google.

Watch the Recording